Living the Full-Time RV Life

To the naked eye, our tiny home on wheels looks pretty sapo’d in (sapo is Spanish slang for a frog that has buried itself in the ground and nested), but looks can be deceiving.

In fact, everything we do is easily collapsible and can be taken down in less than a day…if need be.

Living in a hurricane zone, we deliberately built it all that way — to be easily removed in case we have to evacuate the island.

Galveston by Gypsy Vin Rose

Originally posted on Writing & Wanderlust:
Written for those of us who love Galveston, and all that island life entails.  –A story in song and video, of the many memories made on G.I. as a child, over the last decade, and as IBCs (Islanders by Choice)…raising our daughter within the embrace of Mother Ocean. We…

Cheap Cooking Off the Grid

In our efforts to work towards falling off the grid, I’d say our propane cook stove will take us where we want to be when that day comes. And even though we’re still unsure where this journey of life will lead us next, Nico and I both realize that it’s time for a change. We do love our little island bungalow on wheels, but we’ve quite soured of the scenery around us (minus the sunsets).

Tiny Home on Wheels — Camper Garden Retreat

Following months and months of hard work…digging, renovating, re-arranging, designing and replanting, I feel like my little courtyard style garden is finally taking shape.

Looking back to gardens-past, I feel like this is one of my best efforts; though I’m still not done.

There’s still more white pave stone to lay down…in-order to finish my circular patio, and more to plant; weeding and weeding some more…

Antique Dixie Stove in Glamper RV

My oldest daughter just stood there laughing at me, as I jumped for joy…clapping and bubbling over with joy that my old Dixie Stove had fired right up. It had been a constant worry that the day my husband finally got all the parts together and hooked it up, that we’d go to light it and there would be nothing. I even worried about a fire…or worse — that my old relic would go ‘ka-BOOM’ and we’d go right along with it.

DIY RV Camper Screen Door Project

It had to be done — there was just no way around it.  I couldn’t have been happier to see my old ‘recycled’ screen door fall apart, because I knew it would mean a new…custom-built-for-Mermaid-Mansion screen door would have to follow.  That was two days ago, and already…I have my brand new, perfectly put together…

To Plant…or Not To Plant! –A Nomad in Limbo

Originally posted on Writing & Wanderlust:
The hardest thing about sitting still for long, is being at-odds with two sides of myself.  To plant…or not to plant a garden.  With Spring in the air, it’s impossible to resist sprinkling a few seeds about…just to watch them grow…for as long as I am here in this…

Tour of Shabby Camper to Island Glamper Remod

We welcome you-all to a tour of our ‘once shabby & dirty old travel trailer’ that we have steadily turned into our island retreat…Mermaid Mansion.  And even though the journey has-yet to end, we are happy with the progress we’ve made over the past 2 years.  It has made sitting still more-worth the sacrifice of…

Having an Island Glamper Christmas

I finally got around to gathering up all the driftwood I’ve been collecting for well-over two years now, and built a Christmas tree for our caravan Glamping home. Up until yesterday, my remnants of Mother Ocean had been mere decoration in my garden beds…

D I Y Pull-out Sofa Sleeper in Glamper RV

Pull Out Sofa Sleeper in Our Glamper Caravan Home — Part I   We’re hoping the third time is a charm, because that’s how many times Hubby has rebuilt this sofa sleeper/daybed in the caravan home we so lovingly refer to as Mermaid Mansion.  Unseen in these photos, there is a window seat on the opposite wall,…

Glamper Bathroom Remodeling — New Faucets & Bamboo Sink Countertop Redo

Even though my Hubby Nico installed these new faucets in our Caravan Glamper bathroom months ago, I still wanted to share.  We’ve so enjoyed these pretty, and very cost efficient, RV faucets.  They’ve been one of the best, and cheapest, upgrades we’ve made to our Mermaid Mansion Glamping Home. We bought these online, and paid…