Tiny Home Living — D I Y Kids Room in Island RV

#DIYRV Sleigh Bed Kid’s Bunk in Tiny Home on Wheels — Home Sewn Seaside Curtains, Accessories, and Upholstered Toy Cube Ottoman*

In Part I of DIY Sleigh Bed in Kid’s RV Bedroom, we featured the build of our little camper’s tiny home RV bunk.  But, since then…I’ve been stitching and sewing the curtains and pillow shams for her new bed.  It took some searching on Ebay and other online market places to find the perfect fabric for the job.

Like a snake that might’ve bitten me; I discovered it had been on my ‘watch list’ all along!  I had initially saved it for a different use — to be used to cover the cushions on our old sailboat — but never put in my bid.  Surprisingly, it was still available in a large quantity…so I ordered 5 yards.

Pleasantly surprised when I received my order in the mail, I found the fabric was lovelier in person and a heavy weight, very sturdy weave.  So…I started planning the accessories for Nixi’s room.  Finding the time to take on the task was a job in-and-of itself.  But alas, I made it happen…and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Nixi…?!  She takes it all in stride.  To her, it’s normal to live in an ongoing construction and design zone.  And rather than taking a tole on her, the ‘busy-ness’ of it all seems to have become  a lesson ..teaching her the power of creative arts and doing things yourself.  She has learned that if you want something badly enough, you can make it happen…and it doesn’t have to come from a store, but rather…from your own creative efforts.  A valuable lesson, indeed!

*Live the Do It Yourself Life!  Big Dreams in a Tiny Home on Wheels*


-Toy Cube: $7.95 per yard of fabric (less than 5 yards used), scrap wood was FREE!, nails left over from previous project, staples from previous DIY

COST ESTIMATE — <$30.00 = #CheapRVRemodeling #RVStorageIdeas @GypsyVinRose @MermaidMansion


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  1. kimseither says:

    I love all your ideas. You have wonderful creativity and zen. Your colors are cool and inviting. I’ll be reading it over again for ideas to refresh my memory. I passed your site to my cousin who is refinishing her trailer now.

    1. gypsyvinrose says:

      I’m so happy when we inspire others and they pass it along to other Tiny Home and RV enthusiasts! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. It means the world to us. : ) Have a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

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