Living the Full-Time RV Life

To the naked eye, our tiny home on wheels looks pretty sapo’d in (sapo is Spanish slang for a frog that has buried itself in the ground and nested), but looks can be deceiving.  In fact, everything we do is easily collapsible and can be taken down in less than a day…if need be.  Living in a hurricane zone, we deliberately built it all that way — to be easily removed in case we have to evacuate the island.

If the way we built our place — or rebuilt our place — had been up to my husband Nico, we would still be sitting-bare…with no skirting around our trailer and no plants or pretties surrounding.  Being a designing type personality, there is absolutely no way I could just sit and not be Glamped out in some way or another.  Glamping is my way, even if our place is more Tiki Island-y themed than all out glamour.

On that note, I wanted to share with you-all the deck that Nico built a while back, but just relocated to extend from our trailer; making it look more like a covered porch beneath the last addition of the reed awning.  I love our new look!  I am proud to call our humble little abode…home.  And while I see the judgement of us through the expressions of some ‘in box’ thinkers, I see much more the utter delight on the faces of most (the ones who matter, anyway).

So…here ya go!  –The new deck @Mermaid Mansion.  It too, is completely removable; though not movable.  When we take MM on down the road, it will be given away to anyone who might need it.  In fact, it could be placed atop floating blocks and easily become a dock.  I can imagine a ton of uses for our little porch deck!  I find in myself, that when I put my imagination to work…the sky’s the limit as to what I can come up with.  Of course…Hubby’s always over joyed!  *sarcasm*  ;  )

I hope you enjoy seeing what we’ve done with our tiny house – island abode.  And I sincerely hope it inspires you to live a little outside the box too.  Thanks for reading our blog.  We welcome your input, so drop us a line!  And we always appreciate your ‘likes’ and ‘Shares’.

*Live Outside the Norm, and set your creativity Free!*

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