DIY RV Camper Screen Door Project

It had to be done — there was just no way around it.  I couldn’t have been happier to see my old ‘recycled’ screen door fall apart, because I knew it would mean a new…custom-built-for-Mermaid-Mansion screen door would have to follow.  That was two days ago, and already…I have my brand new, perfectly put together by Hubby Nico, screen door…gracing the front of our beloved ‘tiny-home-on-wheels’ Mermaid Mansion.

All it took was a trip to Home Depot, a quick trip to the hardware store (for replacement parts), a day off from work (for Nico), less than $30.00…and our lovely new door is swinging.  Here are a few pics of the process and the supplies we used.  I hope it inspires you to build your own (perfect-for-your-glamper-camper-or-RV) custom Do It Yourself screen door.

*Easy projects are just our cup-of-tea!*  #DIYCamperScreenDoor

Our old screen door.  Nothing could save it at this point.


Laying out the design.  We used three 1 x 3 white pine planks/boards from Home Depot — $6.oo total plus tax
Designing the layout.  Our door opening is 69 x 27 inches.
Measuring the cross board placement.
Drilling the pilot holes for the joint dowels.  They really came in handy, and included the special drill bit and 12 little dowels.  All for less than $6.00.


These markers came with the joint dowel kit.  They mark the joining board to help avoid mess ups.
Pushing in on the spikes gives the perfect marks for drilling your joining cross board.
Push hard, and your marks are made.


Partial bits of what came with the joint dowel kit, soon to be used for the construction of our RV screen door.


Drill the holes on the marks made by the spikes, and Voila!  Your cross board is ready to glue and secure in place.
All the pieces in place.  Still trying to decide on whether or not to include a vertical piece at mid-bottom.
And…we voted in favor of the vertical piece at mid-bottom.  ‘Kinda gives that little something it needed.
Ready to glue the dowel reinforced pieces together.
The gluing process.  We used Gorilla Glue for wood.


Setting some screws, for added stability and strength.
Drilling pilot holes for screws at cross-joints.
Trying it on for size.  It fits!!
Paint applied, and we’re almost done!  We used a shade called Mermaid Harbor by Behr…in oil base.
Waiting for the paint to dry.
Hubby Nico heads into Mermaid Mansion for some much-deserved R & R.
Et Voila!  Our new DIY Screen Door fits our RV door opening to a tee.  Now we just need some fancy schmancy new hardware for the handle.  But then again, a beautiful sea shell might serve just as well!  Good luck!  I hope this has inspired you to build your own RV Screen Door.



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