Tiny Home on Wheels — Camper Garden Retreat

Early this year, I was rather on the fence about planting a garden; uncertain whether or not we’d be heading on down the road to our next destination.  Alas…it was not to be.  We have grown more attached to our island home than we’d like to admit.  And, naturally…me being a ‘flower child’ of the new-but-not-so-new generation, I had to carve out my special place in the world of tiny island gardens.

Following months and months of hard work…digging, renovating, re-arranging, designing and replanting,  I feel like my little courtyard style garden is finally taking shape.  Looking back to gardens-past, I feel like this is one of my best efforts; though I’m still not done.  There’s still more white pave stone to lay down…in-order to finish my circular patio, and more to plant; weeding and weeding some more.

I feel so Blessed for my little ‘bit of Earth’.   May you all enjoy your little slice of Paradise this season, too.  Happy Gardening!  –From our tiny home to yours.

*Bask in the Glow of What You Sow*



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