Antique Dixie Stove in Glamper RV

My oldest daughter just stood there laughing at me, as I jumped for joy…clapping and bubbling-over with joy that my old Dixie Stove had fired right up.  It had been a constant worry that the day my husband finally got all the parts together and hooked it up, we’d go to light it and there would be nothing.  I even worried about a fire…or worse — that my old relic would go ‘ka-BOOM‘ and we’d go right along with it.

Yes, I’ve often been told I have a very wild imagination.  No wonder I turned out to be a writer of fiction, songs, and…this blog here.  :  )  But alas…my old Dixie didn’t let me down.  That old girl was whistling just as perfectly as she did, I’d like to think, the first time she fired up…back in the 1940’s (I’m guessing) when she was new.

So…for Mother’s Day this year, I was overjoyed to cook my first meal on old Dixie.  Jumping up and down, softly clapping my hands, I couldn’t have contained my excitement even if I had tried.  –And why would I have not wanted to spill over with joy?!  It’s not every day one finds a classic Dixie Stove for a hundred dollars, and it actually ends up working.  

I know what it’s like to appreciate the things in life that most folks take for granted.  I feel so lucky for so many reasons.  Cooking meals for my family will be a source of enjoyment for me now, more than it ever has before.  Sizzling away on my old Dixie is a dream come true for this tiny home dweller.  Island life is shaping up quite nicely indeed.

*One more step to being off the grid!*




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    Vintage RV Kitchen Remod — Restoring Antique Dixie Stoves

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