AFTER: et Voila!! New Window Complete (for the most part) on Exterior

Just a Vagabond Family who chooses not to fit into societal measures. We strive to live a simple life, below our means….somewhere out there, preferably Off the Grid.
Our lifestyle and the way we live has often labeled us ‘Gypsies’, which in-part is where Gypsy Vin Rose –our folk & Gypsy soul vocal duo –came from; where me and my husband write, compose, and perform our original songs (hear us at http://www.gypsyvinrose.com). The rest derives from our daughter’s middle name ‘Vin-Rose’, named after her paternal Grandmother.

We pride ourselves on being different and nomadic in our ways, though society has put her hooks in us and we are often forced to live in places and do things we do not choose.
At this writing, we are undergoing the renovation and remodeling of a trashed-out vintage travel trailer we rescued from a deer lease. It has been an on-going saga ever since, but a learning experience none-the-less.

This blog is about our caravan rescue: stories and photos of Before and After– and what it’s really like to be a family of three living in a small caravan dwelling. Please step into our lives and learn from our trial and error…as well as our successes.

May you find your path in life, as we are always seeking to do.

Blessings & .V..


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