DIY Canopy Bunk Sleigh Bed in RV

KIDS ROOM IDEAS?! — Build a Bunk or Canopy Sleigh Bed in Your Little Camper’s Room!  Here’s how we built a custom sleigh canopy bed for our daughter, with a hidden stow away up top for her toys and dolls.  She’s even able to crawl up there and play; though the head room is lacking because we had to build her bed up high to house the electric water heater.

Inspired by the charmingly wonderful book Mouse Mansion, I designed the bed with some changes and flourishes, and my husband Nico built it.  This is PART I of the remodeling and construction process.  I will share PART II,  as soon as all the details have been put in place.

I hope this inspires you to build big and beautiful in your tiny home — or RV camper —  space.  We are so happy with the results!  And what’s better.  –Our Nixi loves her new bedroom and comfy sleigh style canopy.  I only wish we’d thought of it sooner! It only took us three remodeling tries to get it right.

*Try and try again.  Never give up ’til you get it right!* #MermaidMansion #RVRemodeling #CanopyBedsInRVs #BunkBedDIY #DIYRVBunkBeds #CaravanRemod #CamperRemodeling

BEFORE Remod —

Before — Baby’s Room Had Been Rebuilt Twice!

AFTER 3rd Remod — Partial Completion, before details

After — We Finally Got It Right.



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    Building a Cottage Sleigh Bed in RV Camper or Tiny Home — Our DIY Story in Before & After photos.

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