Driftwood Christmas Trees & Tiny Homes on Wheels

I must say, this past year has flown by.  It seems like yesterday I was out in the yard building my first-ever drift wood Christmas tree for #Mermaid Mansion.  Even though it required a bit of ‘sprucing’ up, I am so happy to use my lovely island tree again this year.

I made a little tree for Nixi last year, too.  –Out of the scrap driftwood I had left over from the bigger (but still very ‘tiny house size’) tree we put in our big bay window…in our living/bed room.  Accumulating more and more ornaments over the last year with-which to trim our tree, I find that my collection of mermaids is growing at a steady rate.  That…makes me very happy indeed.  We even found some sparkly fish — one for each of us — at our local discount store.  They really tie it all up into one very Island-y Christmas.

But the season isn’t over yet!  I know we’ll be heading down to the Strand District here on the island, so I can amass a few more mermaids to hang on my lovely tree.   The Admiralty is my favorite store to shop for ornaments of the nautical or beach-y sort.  I strongly recommend visiting them this Christmas, to see what treasures you can find.

For now, we’re drying out here in G-Town…from the torrential rains we were soaked with this past weekend.  What a beautiful day it is!  Nixi and I will soon be donning our rain boots — because the ground is soaked through and through — and we’ll be headed outside for some tinkering and outdoor fun.

But first comes her lessons.  It’s amazing how much learning we are able to fit into such a short tidbit of our day.  I feel so fortunate I can homeschool her, and be on the frontline with what she’s learning and which subjects will need more attention.  Even though there are days when she just doesn’t seem up for taking it all in, I find that if I offer incentives (stickers, board games, free-play time, or arts and crafts fun), it all evens itself out and I am able, once again, to get her interested in learning.  Today…?!  Christmas crafts are definitely on the agenda.  I can’t wait!

Whether you are stationary or bumping down the road to your next grand adventure…here’s wishing you and your tiny home family a Happy Christmas, where ever you may be.

*Count your Blessings every day.  For you are much wealthier than you may believe.*

–Penny Espinoza (Gypsy Vin Rose)     

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    Driftwood Christmas Trees & Tiny Homes on Wheels

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