Cheap Cooking Off the Grid

It’s been well-over a month since Nico put the propane canister on the front hitch of Mermaid Mansion to test out my old Dixie Stove.  Never would I have imagined one can of propane could last us this long!  I’m not complaining though.  –Not at all!

In our efforts to work towards falling off the grid, I’d say our propane cook stove will take us where we want to be when that day comes.  And even though we’re still unsure where this journey of life will lead us next, Nico and I both realize that it’s time for a change.  We do love our little island bungalow on wheels, but we’ve quite soured of the scenery around us (minus the sunsets).

For too many reasons to list here we feel ourselves being pulled in an entirely different direction than we had previously thought.  I’m more than ready for a new adventure!

With the recent release of my first children’s book, and a few very promising songs in the works, some days I feel like a bird about to take flight…and other days I feel like I’m about to nose dive right into a crash landing.  I guess you could say I have my ups and downs, like most folks.

Even still, with my garden in full bloom…and the heat scorching like never before, I find myself in nature in the AM…and indoors with a lot of time to think about things in the afternoons.  The truth is, we love our old island caravan home, but we’ve been weighing the options of affordability when it comes down to being, and remaining, free to roam and wander.

As we sit, Mermaid Mansion is not ready to go down the road…and we don’t have a tow vehicle.  In all honesty, we don’t want another ‘anchor’ to complicate our efforts at breaking free from the rat-race…again.  Back in 2010, when we sold it all and moved into our old 71 VW Westfalia Camper Van, I was sure we had finally made the right move toward freedom.  Now, here I sit in 2016…and we’re stuck once again.  

Nico’s job will be ending soon, and he is fighting the probability that he will have to settle for the 9 to 5 once again.  He is kicking and screaming every step of the way.  I too, am fighting the ‘box’ that society seems to be putting us in at every turn.  I knew back when we came off the road and signed our way back into the rat race (an apartment lease), for lack of better choices, we had made a grave mistake.  I didn’t want to sign the lease, but Nico felt it was the best move…at the time.

Since parting with a house and storage full of belongings, and things I had held onto for 20 years, I’ve only wanted to climb up into my old VW bus…and go!  –Go where the road leads us, go where ever the wind blows.  As we sit today, Mermaid Mansion will not be road ready for a while…and I want to go yesterday!

Now on to plan C, because this was our plan B (getting a travel trailor and taking our home with us)!   All I do know is, if I don’t feel the wind in my hair soon — and see the towns flying past our ever-slower Peniki…bumping down the highway — I’m sure to bust!  If it were up to me, I’d be packing our old girl up right now…and tomorrow, I’d be outta here! I’ll trade this outfit for freedom…any day!

Support our cause and buy my latest children’s book — Monday… Super-Fun Day!

Peace .V.. & Love…and Thank You.

*Life is a chance worth taking*

Final Draft Book Cover EBook - 8 x 8 copy


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