When Less Really Is More — Downsizing and Living Within Your Means

If I had told myself ten years ago, that a decade down the road I could live without so much stuff, I doubt I would’ve believed me.  But here I sit…today, thinking of everything I’ve let go of and how little I’ve given it a second thought.

I remember the days when I had not-only a whole house full of ‘memorabilia’, but also a city apartment and a storage unit full of things I thought I needed.  My…how times have changed for me!  And I couldn’t be happier.

Counting my possessions today, I still feel as-though I’m a bit crowded by the few knic-knacs I’ve held onto, and by the few totes of possessions I keep stored in the modestly sized storage shed Hubby just built for me out of throw-away scrap lumber, faux hearty-plank exterior, along with a few bundles of 2 x 2’s from Home Depot.  –Very minimal cost, at less than $100 bucks for materials.

Living small at Mermaid Mansion has taught me what I really need, as opposed to all the things I once hoarded…that I didn’t need at all.  Fitting it all into less than 200 square feet of our small caravan home, and in a 4 x 4 shed, I feel freer than ever.

Even still, I have a few more material possessions I could do better without.  Our boat, well…even though she’s over 200 miles from where we now live, I still can’t seem to part with that old girl.  Looking back to the day we first went out to see her, sitting there all abandoned and needing some love of a new family, I knew she was the little red sailboat for us!

But aside from all that.  Having stepped out of the norm, and chipped away at our living expenses…to live well-within our means, the one thing I am very proud to say is that everything we own…we actually own.  It is all paid for, free and clear!  To me, that is worth every bit of stuff I thought I might miss.

Here is a glimpse of the Homemade Storage Shed my Husband Nico built from curbside throw-away lumber.  I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

Now…it just needs a bright coat of paint.  –I know just the right color!  :  )

Many Blessings & .V..


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