New Bead Board Ceiling in Retro Glamper RV Bathroom

Well, it almost took 2 years of looking at the ugly results of a formerly leaky roof, for us to install a new, perfectly white, bead-board ceiling in our bathroom. Not only did we have a hole above our shower area, but someone had thought they’d be smart, and spray that foam insulation in there; so much so that it bubbled out the opening…into a very unsightly mess.

It seems so much brighter in our caravan lavatory now! The bead-board is such a thrifty fix for any ugly wall or ceiling. We even used it as our cabinet facings on our new caravan kitchen and dining booth area. It made a world of difference!

But the bathroom ceiling had been the ugliest of all, after we took care of our uber ragged-out kitchen wall, by covering it with our take on a bamboo wall (see $30.00 Bamboo Wall in RV Caravan). Now, the ceiling is covered, after Nico cut out the rotted wood, and still has a few finishing touches before it is final and done.

I couldn’t be happier when I visit ‘loo’, to look up and see a beautifully bright new ceiling! It sure beats the old shabby mess I used to do my best to ignore. A simple fix for around $20.00, has given the ceiling in our caravan RV bathroom a new lease on life! It is no longer my least favorite room in our Retro Glamper Home. –The place we lovingly call Mermaid Mansion.

Blessings & .V.. to All of our Vandwelling and Full-time RV Dwelling, Tiny House Friends!

Cheers to a Fabulous New Year…Out there, Giving in to Wanderlust,



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  1. breid1903 says:

    looking good.

    ice cream raz

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