Constructing A New Dining Booth In An Old RV -turned- Glamper Caravan Home Part V


It’s been about a week or so since-last we worked on the construction of our new dining booth in our 84 Aljo-turned-Mermaid Mansion Glamper.  The closer we come to completion, the more I see how great it’s going to look in our caravan kitchen area.

Seems like just yesterday, we brought our neglected trailer home to the island.  Now, people often comment when they walk in, that it looks like a little house in here, rather than the usual decor of other vintage RV campers, and trailers.  I am happy to know that Nico and I have worked so hard…together, as a family; with Baby watching and helping when the job was safe and easy enough for her little hands.

I admit that Hubby often comments (usually when he’s having a very frustrating day of remodeling), that he would never want to do this all over again.  He hasn’t had an easy time of it.  Anyone who knows us, or has read our blog, realizes we are on a very tight budget, and so…we have to use imagination quite often, in order to come up with low-cost alternatives to renovating our retro-vintage camper.

To date, we’ve managed to remodel with next-to-no money; salvaging many of the items we’ve repurposed into other things.  The walls we have dividing the kitchen from Baby’s room (where there was once an empty, ugly void), were repurposed from very tall shutter doors.  It works out quite well, because the shutters allow more air/heat to circulate through-out our space.

Besides repurposing items, we’ve salvaged items that would’ve ended up in the garbage if-not for us rescuing them.  Like our sink faucet:  it was in the pile of scrap from a remodeling job Nico assisted on last summer.  Our porcelain bar sink, is now our very modest kitchen sink.  I make do with it just fine, and it doesn’t allow me to let the dishes pile up.  Either way, when it does fill up with dishes, there aren’t very many.  –Another plus to having a tiny kitchen sink: the smaller the space, the fewer dishes it holds.

As for our dining booth: as I sit comfortably on my new ‘perch’ by the window, we still have a few more bead board panels to buy before it can be completed.  As usual, it’ll have to wait ’til another pay-day.  :  (  We have the time, but not the money…and so the story goes.

Even still, I am happy with the outcome thus far!  :  ]  Nico has done a great job…for not-ever-having done this kind of thing before.  I know I haven’t been easy to work with at all!  :  /  But when one of my crazy ideas turns out so well, Nico feels reassured once again.  Then it’s on to the next project!  Such is a day in the life of our full-time Caravan Dwelling…RV Remodeling family.


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