Dining Room – Before & After

It’s been less than a year-and-a-half since we found our retro-vintage travel trailer; gutted out and full of musty…dirty carpet.  Ever since the day we finally got her home (see ‘A Place to Call Home’ in a previous blog post), we’ve been hard-at-it to make her livable…while actually living in her.  Anyone who’s ever remodeled an old RV trailer while living in that same space, knows how difficult it really is to accomplish this…and not crack up.

Well, I’m happy to say, we’ve done just that (remodeled our lived-in space), and been lucky enough to not crack up!  Although, I’ll admit there have been many-a-battle about how to do one thing, and where to put something else.  I usually do most of the design work, while my husband Nico does his best to make it happen.  He isn’t a professional carpenter, by any means, but he’s doing a wonderful job for having-never remodeled a Caravan, RV, or travel trailer of any sort.

So, because I am so happy with what we’ve accomplished so far (we still have a loooong way to go before she’s complete), I wanted to post some pics of the dining area as it was when we found our caravan home, and how she is to-date.  Living in less than 200 square feet of space…more than qualifies us for the status of a family living in a small dwelling–i.e. Tiny House Living.  But living in that space and still loving one another over a year into the remod?  That’s just proof that love grows best in little houses…or caravan – trailer homes.

Blessings your way & .V.. too!


Dining Area -- Before & After (Progress as-of Mid November 2014)
Dining Area — Before & After (Progress as-of Mid November 2014)

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