New Dining Room in Caravan RV Trailer Part IV


It’s raining today, so looks like we’ll have to wait til another day to continue with the construction of our new pantry in our ‘once gutted out’ vintage Caravan RV trailer.  –The place we’ve called home for a year-and-a-half now.

It hasn’t been easy living in the very small dwelling (apx 179 square feet), while we’re remodeling…with a young child who is VERY curious and always very busy.  :  P  Still, we’ve kept at it, and now…finally, we have a pretty functional space where there once was an eye-sore of a mess.

On his day off from work, my Hubby Nico worked non-stop yesterday to panel up the pantry; having to cut each section by hand (with a saw), since the electrice saw wasn’t cutting straight enough.  We’ve still-yet to get the doors finished.  But, because of the rain, it’ll go put off til yet-another-day.

If nothing else comes of all this, besides a much prettier tiny space dwelling, I’ll at least have come away a more patient woman.  Hubby…?  Not so much!  He swears he’ll NEVER do this again!  haha  I really can’t blame him, either.  One thing I do know is: when we finish with remodeling our vintage travel trailer-turned tiny house caravan home, we won’t need to remodel another place…because Mermaid Mansion will be going with us where ever the wind may blow.

Here are more pics of our new, and steadily improving, dining room and pantry remodeling.  Blessings and .V.. to all!



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