Custom Pantry and Dining Booth in Caravan Trailer Part III

Building A Custom Food Cabinet and Dining Booth in Our Caravan RV Home – PART III:

For a little more than a week, my Hubby Nico has been sawing (mostly by hand), cutting, drilling, and screwing our dining booth and food pantry into our once gutted out and neglected travel trailer; that is now our caravan home.

With his little helper by his side more often than his own shadow, Nico remained patient and let Baby help him with some measuring and marking. She is his five year-old apprentice. : ) –Always ready to help!

So now…finally, our dining area is making some sense, and is actually–da ta da da…!–functional. Nearly a year-and-a-half later, our caravan #Glamper is as comfortable as any sticks-and-bricks ‘house’.

Still, there is much work to be done! A little here…and a little there, Mermaid Mansion is coming together beautifully. I am so very grateful to my dear husband for putting up with my design requests, and making it as close to my very rough sketches as possible. How he puts up with me is something only love knows.

Blessings your way, from our Tiny Caravan Home…to Your Home; where ever in the world you may be.



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