D I Y RV Remodeling: Dining Room Reconstruction

Part I — Dining Booth & Pantry

It’s been a while since we worked on our beloved Mermaid Mansion.  But, finally…we’re back at it after a very busy last few months.  Yesterday, Nico brought home the lumber and got down to business.

I had been telling my dear Hubby that I wanted a dining booth that circles the back wall of our custom built (by Nico himself…not too long ago) bamboo dining table, to resemble a ‘C’ seating arrangement that will face our new kitchen (also built by my Hubby *see corner cabinets in Caravan RV*).

After cutting the base frame, Nico laid the ground-work for our soon-to-be dining booth.  From the looks of his work…so far, I can see it coming to life right before my eyes.  –And I couldn’t be happier!

Now, if he didn’t have to work his day jobs (yes…I said ‘jobs’, since he works one near-full-time job, and another part-time job on his days off) we might be able to get things done in a more timely manner around here.  But…then again, we wouldn’t have any money with which to buy supplies to build our dream caravan home.

Funny how life just sort of gets in the way of one’s dreams at times.  –Or could it be that we just can’t see the forest…for the trees.  I’m open to pointers, if anyone has found a way around this little dilemma of making a living ‘without’ having to work.

Even being a writer, I find the hours of dedication far outweigh the pay.  Still…I keep the dream alive!  :  )  The dream of rebuilding our once trashed out and gutted Travel Trailer…Glamper Caravan home, is just part of that mix.

*Our latest pics of the process*




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