Sewing a Sea Life Quilt for Baby

Perma-Glamping has its advantages at times.  –Like when I went to design a new Sea Life quilt for Baby.  If we had been on the road, like most Glampers, I doubt I could have made the time to design & sew a special blanket for my youngest, like I did for my oldest two…back when they were youngsters.  And…I have to admit, I surprised even myself this time.  :  )

I had been wanting to do this for some time, and finally found the right fabric online to make my latest Applique’ Quilt creation come to fruition.  Baby wanted to get in on the bandwagon when I was drawing the templates; thinking they were paper dolls.  It took some doing to get her pacified so I could get down to quilting.  I guess taking the time to sew a little sea turtle puppet was just the ticket!  –At least for a little bit.  Either way, it was enough to distract her from what I was doing…long enough for her to forget and move on to something else.  Such is the attention span of a preschooler!

So…to make a long story short: I finished Baby’s special Sea Life quilt, so I wanted to share the process…start to finish, with you-all.  I hope it inspires you to get creative and quilt a family heirloom your child, or anyone, can treasure for a lifetime.  

Blessings & .V..




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    Sea Life Quilt for Baby

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