New Window in Retro Caravan RV — BEFORE & AFTER

It’s been a LONG Long….long time coming: finding a window to fit the gaping hole-of-a-mess that we’ve been living with for over a year! We were there just thirty minutes before they closed the doors at the Galveston Historical Foundation’s Architectural Warehouse.

Lucky for us, too! If we hadn’t gone that day…at the last minute, we wouldn’t have found our new window; which is actually a very tall ‘door’ to a corner curio or china cabinet; I suspect from an old home here on the island. We plan on tinting the glass with reflective ‘solar’ type film, to reinforce it a bit. Just to be on the safe side.

Either way, Nico did a wonderful job making it fit. The opening was still too large for the window, so he worked his magic with a few 1 x 2’s, some 2 x 2’s, and…Voila! We have a beautiful (it is to me anyway) ‘picture window’ to sit and watch the birds outside, and see the sun shining or the rain falling. The awning (used to be a shutter door, but we cut it down in two) Nico re-purposed into a storm shutter, shades our dining/kitchen area during the hottest part of the day. It’s a great addition to our little caravan abode.

And while the exterior is finished, for the most part, the interior must wait ’til pay-day…so we can go buy the materials to ‘polish’ it off. With the curtains I made by turning a long curtain from Crate and Barrel (a throw-away from one of the houses Nico worked on last year) ninety degrees horizontally, cutting it in half…then stitching two curtains from one, our new window looks much better…even with all the unfinished business around it.

Next up…! The large food pantry, and built-in dining booth. I can hardly wait! But for now…here are more BEFORE & AFTER photos of our new window wall. Mermaid Mansion is coming around! : )

Blessings & .V..



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