Patio Umbrella Turned Chair Cushion

Last year, we bought a striped patio umbrella of vibrant colors to shade our outdoor bistro table.  Well, this year…it fell apart on us, so it was time to replace it with a new one; which we did-so with a tiki-hut looking…faux thatch…palm-style paraguas.  We love it!

But…what to do with that old umbrella?  Well, apparently my hubby Nico thought it was time to retire it to the trash.  I…on the other hand, felt it deserved a ‘second chance’ at life.  So…I fished it out of the can, and went to work recycling it into a new-again chair cushion for my Nannie’s (my maternal Grandmother) old antique wicker rocker-turned-chair that I had just painted to match our bistro set beneath the new umbrella. 

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  Nico was glad to see what I had done to revive something that could’ve gone to the landfill.  I hope this inspires you to reuse, redo, and recycle. 

Blessings & .V.. (Peace) to All! 


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