Island Caravan Kitchen Garden


Coral Pink Hyacinth, Lemon Tree and Palm in Island Caravan Garden
Coral Pink Hyacinth, Lemon Tree and Palm in Island Caravan Garden


Here we are, already in June–Wow!–and my Island Kitchen Garden is doing quite well. Last year, my first efforts at gardening in my new sub-tropical zone, really were a near-bust. Had it not been for my one zucchini squash (it was huge!), a single tomato, and a nice bit of basil, we would’ve gone hungry here at Mermaid Mansion. ; ]

This year, after mulching heavily through the winter months, fortifying the soil with wonderful compost (which I made in a milk crate from veggie scraps and greens) and seaweed from Mother Ocean, I’m happy to say…my garden is rather abundant. I have a bumper crop of vegetables I’ve had no luck with for many…many years. Carrots!–lovely carrots–they’re doing beautifully. Radishes! I’ve already picked, and very-much enjoyed, the last of the French Breakfast lovelies I hadn’t grown (or had any luck growing) since I had my house in the country; more than 10 years ago.

My Jacob’s Cattle black-eyed-peas are climbing the ‘Sol’ candelabra-turned-garden-trellis…so very prolifically. The little baby rabbit munching on my cukes, is no longer a problem; as one of the little pickling cucumbers actually managed the survive the rapid munching. Parsley!–smells so refreshing when I snip a bit for my salads or just to snack. And tomatoes!–Oh WOW the tomatoes!–I have a bumper-crop!

Even after the 60 mph winds bent them to near destruction, my tomatoes are thriving and nearly taller than I am (I stand 5′ 1″), with plump green tom’s everywhere; just waiting to be battered and fried. Who doesn’t love fried green tomatoes?! This Caravan Kitchen Gardener sure does!

The only problem (crossing fingers and counting Blessings) I seem to be having this year is in the squash patch: my fruits are rotting at the blossom end…once the flower falls-off. Even though I have bountiful blossoming and fruits, they aren’t making it to maturity. So…my only solution to this problem is to either research and find the cure to what’s ailing my ‘babies’, or…an even better alternative is to harvest the petite fruits with the closed blossoms still attached and fry them up Italian style! A lovely, and tasty, platter of fried squash blossoms with a nice glass of vino is certainly not a bad sacrifice, as far as I’m concerned. : )

At this point, I hold great promise that the pumpkin patch, with its one little sprout, will Bless us with many…many pumpkins come September and October. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed, the compost pile brewing, and the garden well-fed; all organically. For I know, if I take care of Mother Earth, she’ll certainly return the favor with an abundant Island Caravan Kitchen Garden.

Blessings, and…(peace) .V.., to all you happy gardeners. From Mermaid Mansion…to your home, where ever you are. : )


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