My Vintage Caravan Glamper Kitchen Remod – Part II

Kitchen Cabinets Part II —

We’ve decided to finish our kitchen cabinets in white bead-board, which I think will give it a very Island-y feel.  And even though we still aren’t finished (only because Nico has to keep a day job), it looks like we’re on the home stretch.  I look forward to enjoying my new kitchen…immensely.  I must admit, it’s rather difficult to work around a remodeling job, when I still have to live in the space and get on with meals, cleaning, and the like.  You know…?  All that ‘fun’ stuff we all just love to do every day.  Well, believe me…it’s even more fun when you’re in the middle of remod central.  :  I

So…I continue to be patient; knowing all the while that my poor hubby is doing the best he can.  He often says he wishes he could just pay someone to do all this fun stuff.  But, I know, no one else loves me enough to work for a perfectionist (hubby says I’m bossy) woman like myself.  In my own defense, I feel if you’re going to do something…do it right the first time and you won’t need to go back and do it over again.  Also, if someone else were to do the work, we wouldn’t be able to sit back…when it’s all finished, and admire what we’ve accomplished.

I know, by most folk’s standards, our small life is really no big deal.  But, to us, it’s the overcoming of such challenges that show us both what we’re really made of.  To me, that’s worth every bit of the sweat and aggravation of remodeling our own caravan kitchen.  Which just goes to show — The Blessings of life are revealed in so many ways.

Blessings & .V..


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