Glamper Kitchen Remodeling – Part I

Glamper Kitchen Remod – PART I

**Framing-Out the Cabinets**

YIPPEEEeeee!!  I am jumping for joy that Hubby has finally gotten around to building my kitchen.  Happy isn’t even the word to explain how so-very grateful I am that my kitchen is coming around so well–this time.  After the disappointing outcome of the temporary cabinet, I believe we’ve finally gotten this cabinet building thing down.  Well…Hubby-Nico does anyway.

After he completed revamping the old, ugly kitchen wall with a repurposed bamboo shade, he began a few days ago, planning…sketching…measuring….and buying the necessary stuff to put it all together.  Even still, we had to go back to Home Depot for a few more things.  But I do believe we’ve finally bought everything we need to finish the project.  My dream kitchen is soon-to-come.  I can hardly wait to show the before and after pics for this area of our vintage caravan.  It was one of the ugliest….most disastrous messes I’ve ever seen.  I hate to admit.

But, with much hard work, ingenuity…for lack of cash, and a lot of throw-away items we’ve salvaged from the curbside of fellow Islanders, I can now see the forest for the trees.  Next up…?  The dining area.  And what’s even better is that we already have the stuff to get started.  Life is good.  And this little Glamper Gal feels very Blessed, indeed!

Blessings & .V.. (Peace)

*Hubby’s First Efforts at Framing Kitchen Cabinets*

Kitchen Cabinet Frame-Work -- Hubby's first Efforts
Kitchen Cabinet Frame-Work — Hubby’s first Efforts
Framing Kitchen Cabinets In Vintage Caravan -- Travel Trailer -- RV
Framing Kitchen Cabinets In Vintage Caravan — Travel Trailer — RV

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