My New/Old Dixie Stove


There is so much truth in the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s (or woman’s) treasure.”; which has landed a beloved — very hard to find — DIXIE Stove right in my lap (not literally).  It came about by shear luck, when I was browsing the ads on C-List.  I had already posted a WTB ad on the site, searching for a vintage apartment size stove (Dixie…O’Keefe and Merritt…and the like), but I never…in all my life, thought I would be able to actually find a real Dixie Stove for a hundred-bucks?!

I bit my lip, tried not to act too excited, until the deal had been made and my stove had been delivered; all for the same $100.00!  The day it was dropped off in my driveway, was a happy day; though I knew my work (and Hubby’s too) was definitely cut out for me.  The stove was a real mess!  I can’t even begin to say what all we pulled out of there.  But my brave husband Nico did the dirty work for me; God Bless him!  And in no time, he had it looking so much better.

Still, we’ve yet to get it installed, because it will need to be tested for leaks outdoors; seeing-as it’s a propane burning stove.  It appears to be all there, and I can hardly wait til he gets the old clock ticking again.  I know this old Dixie must be from the 40’s or thereabouts that decade.  I am jumping for joy, and still can’t believe I found a vintage Dixie Stove.  I can hardly wait to see it in my Caravan kitchen and move up from the P O S electric stove that has already popped off a knob after 6 months of use.  When you cook as often as I do, you need an ‘old reliable’ like my lovely Dixie!  They just don’t make ’em like that anymore!

This Caravan Kitchen Chef couldn’t be happier!  Blessings & .V.. that you find your ‘vintage Dixie’ no matter what that might be.  ;  )



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  1. breid1903 says:

    be gentle. this thing is old. do not use pipe cleaners(pipe smokers) on your stove. do not degrease with solvents and or wire brushes. at least any of pipe/fittings or innards. the pilots can be a bundle of joy. toothpicks + used and unused kitchen matches will be your friend. if pilot stays lit. good. then fire up 1 burner at a time. back ones first. always use wood to clean orifice or burner. they will not ream the metal.

    if pilot does not stay lit, well look along the manifold behind the knobs. should be a small tube that goes to the pilot. should be a flat screw head to adjust it. back at manifold. sometimes the ovens work or not. google is you friend here. “antique stove parts”, “antique gas stove parts”, then change antique to vintage. use any listing words that show up as you go. different parts of the country use different words. i like old stoves.

    if you are on natural not prop some stoves are adjustable some not. if adjustable when you turn on a burner the flame will be will be way to small/low. look on the gas burner control on the end is a nut looking thing. well it is an orifice. turn it counterclockwise as you face it from back of stove. adjust it till you get a nice crisp flame. you can adjust it more than once.

    if non adjustable google “gas orifice sizing chart”. ain’t that neat i don’t have go get a chart of the truck, it’s online. not that im lazy or anything. take 1 of the orifices to the lp people and they can tell you what size it is. natural people not so much. then you can use your online chart to buy the 1 drill bit to drill them out. naturals are larger than prop. it will be a numbered bit. the bigger the number smaller the bit. visa-verse.

    go to a hardware store, big box or supply house and get real leak detector. do not use soap, flame, wd-40 or whatever. just don’t. bath all all manifolds, piping.

    a word of caution. if the pilots or any of valves(knobs)(oven control) do not work your little one can and will turn on the gas. or you two can bump it by accident.

    it late for me. if you have question i’m

    peaceup raz

    1. gypsyvinrose says:

      Wow! Thanks so much! You are a wealth of information on these old stoves….and I will certainly take your word for it and show all of this great information to my husband (it’s all Greek to me). I find the old stuff…the classics, and drag them home to add to my husband’s Honey-Do list. hahaha But in this case, our old treasure ‘stove’ is cleaning up wonderfully, and she looks to be all there and in very good condition (once we cleaned up the ‘yuk yuk’ that was in there — it was really bad!).

      Either way, I’ll certainly print this advice and keep on-hand, so we don’t go and mess up anything on our old Dixie. I still can’t believe I found her and she’s actually mine. : ) Is it possible for a woman to be in love with her stove? *scratching head* If so…I am.

      Thanks so very much for your advice. I’m sure we’ll be in touch. Please keep in touch too? If for no other reason than to see the progress we’re making and for any advice you might have for us in the future.

      Thanks again.

      Nico & Penny (and Dixie too)

      1. breid1903 says:

        “is it possible for a woman to be in love with her stove”? oh hell yes. i have a customer with a bunch of rentals. she has had me clean up and make 2 magic chefs in february. i’m a master plumber and licensed electrician. woohoo. i’m 69 and only do repairs. most appliance repairmen are parts changers. that is not a criticism. there is just not enough custom work to keep everybody busy. they do not have access to parts. they have no training on these. there is no mark up on parts.

        all of the old stuff was made very simply. most parts are rebuild-able if you can get them apart. if you got that for a c note, well that’s a hell of a deal. that’s 3 less s paid for each of her’s. and her’s were a good price up here.

        the gas shut off can be raised up above the stove to keep little hands away. you will have light the burners manually. you will any way if pilot does not work. just hook the gas up and try it. yours is outside. i have never had one outside. i wish mine were.

        prop or natural? there is a good chance the people you got this from don’t know and just said something. i never pay much attention to “facts”. i expect nothing to work and that i will have to figure it out. look look look. be gentle it’s old. think and google. go to vintage store get proper name and google “how to fix widget z”. youtube can be your pal, also. do not modify stuff it’s you last resort.

        enjoy enjoy enjoy

        peaceup raz

      2. gypsyvinrose says:

        Thanks again for the great advice. She is a propane stove, and we brought her indoors yesterday, due to the salt air here on the island. We got her cleaned up and she is beautiful!!! I am definitely in love with my old Dixie! : ) We haven’t gotten her hooked up yet, but that’ll happen soon. She really makes the place, here in our old caravan. *jumping for joy*

        Only one thing we might have to get worked on cosmetically is the back part, where the clock/timer is located. I’ll be posting pics soon, but for now I’ll just say the chrome is coming off as we try to clean it up. My husband knows someone back in D/FW who does chroming and the like, but I wanted to ask you what we might be able to do for now? Is there a way around sending it out (the back chrome piece) to a professional? : I Other than that, our old girl has cleaned up beautifully! I love her! I really do!
        : D

        Thanks again, for your great advice. I told my husband about you. He was very glad you wrote.

        Blessings & .V.. (peace) Hope to hear from you again soon.

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