Island Colored Caravan

Woo Hoo!  We finally decided on a color for our trim, and have actually gotten it painted.  *check, color decision…check, painting of trim*  We couldn’t be happier with the results!  The primer-white is history, and our vintage caravan is now decked out in Island charm.  No longer is she old and ugly, but is rather charming and vintage…ready for spring bathed in Cozumel (on the trailer exterior), Island Coral (on our front door), and Mermaid Harbor (on the trim): all from Behr paints. 

So now…today, Hubby is working on finishing-out the trim on my kitchen window.  Per my last post– we still haven’t gotten around to the building of my dining nook.  Another day…another dollar!  But I did manage to de-clutter a bit in that area, and Nico did manage to enclose the wheel-well so the insulation is no longer exposed.  It makes for a nice ‘printer perch’; where I can sit and work on writing and printing photos and stuff!

And…I’m very excited to say that I’ve begun planting my garden and it is going quite well this year…so far.  My compost pile is producing some lovely dark, rich ‘chocolate cake-like’ fertilizer to supplement my soil and feed my ‘babies‘.  Also, I took it upon myself, on a visit to the beach this past winter, to gather some seaweed to toss around out there in my little poteger’.  :  )

This past week was adventurous indeed!  It brought with it the wonderful discovery of a patch of garlic chives growing out in the yard…out beside Laguna Tortuga.  I snipped a lot and transplanted a few, and,..  Voila…!  Instant bed of chives are all mine, (though I do plan to share with the fam).  Another grand adventure was to go two times in as many days, to picnic with Hubby on the beach during his lunch hour.  *See my blog Forty-Something World*   I wasn’t prepared for the sun, which swiftly left me sunburned…again. 

The first time was when I was gardening all day, the same day I made my great chive discovery.   I got my onion-sets in the ground, painted some garden stakes for my tomato trellises, planted some Jacob’s Cattle beans, painted another trellis, re-purposed an old window into a cucumber trellis on the fence, planted some carrots (hoping I have better luck this year), planted some green peas in the cold frame box (mainly to keep bugs off), planted snap peas on a trellis that I painted, sowed some green peps and hot peps too.  Next up…?  Potatoes!  I can hardly wait!!  

Blessings, Peace .V.. & Happy Gardening to you!




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