Planning My Island Kitchen

For as long as I can recall, I’ve been wanting a really ‘Island-y’ coastal kitchen.  My dream is to have double doors that open out onto a seaside veranda, where I can walk just down a sand-dune path to my own private little nook on the beach.  That is the fantasy anyway!

The reality…?  We are still deep in the throes — kind-of halted for the time-being — of kitchen/dining remodeling.  If you’ve been reading our blog for the past few months, you know our caravan (tiny house RV dwelling) came ‘sans kitchen & dining room’.  And it’s been a real ‘hoot’ (kidding of course), putting it all together and rummaging through architectural salvage stores to save money (that’s been kinda fun).

Lucky for us, we’ve gathered a lot of parts from the cast-outs of others.  Our antique porcelain sink is more for a bar or mudroom, but it’s deep and sturdy…and, most importantly for us, it only cost $20 from the Architectural Salvage.  I am happy with it, but it has forced us to rethink our very large serving pieces…pots and pans.  Small living is easier done with small accessories, so your space doesn’t get crowded.

Finally, we have the funds to buy some larger items we’ve been desperately needing for quite some time!  The new refrigerator will arrive in a matter of days.  Hurray…!!!  Our stove, I’m hoping will soon be delivered, though I’ve been a bit put-off lately by the seller.  :  (  Guess I need to call him…again.

Then there’s the dining area Nico just started working on during his three days off from work this past week.  A bit of measuring, cutting and building, a lot of planning but never enough time, and he’s back to work for another week.  I sure wish money grew on trees, as my dear Mother used to say.  Or better yet, I wish the whole world went on a bargaining/barter system.  That’s why I love Lystia so much!  NO money is exchanged….only credits.  Wonderful…!

So, today…I am searching for a new hot water heater; something compact, good for off-grid use, Eco friendly, not too expensive, small and cute (the cute part is for me…of course).  If it were up to Nico, he’d run some black PVC pipe up over the roof and heat the water with the sun.  In fact, we’re probably going to do that anyway, as an alternative to the main water heater; in case we’re ever out of propane or trying to save on electricity…or if the power is out.

All in all, it’s coming around…a little at a time.  We might not be living in a palace and have multiple homes and toys and such, but what we have is ours and not the bank’s or mortgage company’s.  I am happy and very grateful for that.  This is what we set-out to do when we sold most of our stuff and set-off on the open road and headed down here to the island.  Almost a year later, we’re doing alright, and remodeling our island caravan home is becoming the norm around here.

As for today…I’ll be ordering cushion inserts and fabric so I can get to work sewing our new cushions for our fold out couch/bed that Nico built us last week, and also for our dining ‘nook’.  And the floors…!  I mustn’t forget to order our new flooring!  I’m so-very excited about the floors we’ve picked out.  Guess I’d better call again about my stove too?  *sigh*  Looks like the work of this ‘Caravan Chica‘ is never done!

Blessings & .V.. to all!

BEFORE Dining Nook Remod

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