The Beer Bottle Project

It might seem a bit off the wall to some folks, but Nico and I recycle or re-purpose just about everything!  Waste-not want-not is my philosophy!  Either way, it hit me a while back when Nico started drinking Bud Platinum beer, and I noticed the sun shining through the blue bottles.

I can do something with that!  I told myself.  So…my mind went into high gear, as I tried to come up with a new way to use those  bottles.  It wasn’t long after, when we were across town…visiting the lady we buy free-range eggs from, when I noticed she and her husband had edged their flowerbeds with wine bottles.  “Aha….!”  I knew what to do with those ‘blue beauties’ right then and there.  But…I would do that very same thing…with a new twist.

Needless to say, Nico had never been so happy to know that I needed more empties for my project.  He started buying Bud Platinum as often as we could afford ‘the good stuff’ as we call it.  Anyone who has read our blog in the past year knows we’ve been struggling quite a lot to settle-in (as settled as two Gypsy souls can possibly be), to our new island home.  This little (really not so little) caravan travel trailer home of ours is really coming around.  The kitchen sink is in, even though it will be coming right back out as soon as Nico gets more plywood to do it right…this time.  My idea, of course!  :  I

Anyway, as for the beer bottle project, Nico was pleased as punch to furnish more empty bottles.  Hah!  Go figure!  And, with a thirst like his, it didn’t take too long for us to accumulate enough empties to get my DIY beer bottle garden edging underway.  After adding my own twist to the bottles by inserting Christmas lights up through the mouth hole — the ONLY reason we had to shop Walmart would be for after Christmas sales on lights — I had my one-of-a-kind outdoor lights.  The best part about these lights is, I did the work myself (ditch digging, peeling labels off bottles, designing the layout, and such), and for that…I am very proud.

Here’s the finished look of my Beer Bottle Yard Lights. Another bonus…?  Because they aren’t too bright, they won’t attract the numerous bugs that come to visit us so often here on the island.

Blessings & .V..Image



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