Constructing Walls From Old Shutters

Shutter Wall
Shutter Wall

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned that when we bought our vintage trailer, she was gutted from the bathroom wall (at least they left ‘The Loo’ alone) completely to the opposite end…in our living room area.  One might think that such an open space in an RV makes it look bigger, but that isn’t the case at all!  In fact, it makes everything look too busy; kind of like when you see too many items on a store shelf.  Without the spaces in our caravan designated, it all just ran together like a bad dream.

Enter my ‘curbside shopping’ husband, who found some really great–really tall–shutters beside the road, just thrown away.  So…he loaded ’em all up onto the roof of our campervan, and brought them home.  Voila!!  We now have walls in our old girl!  Baby’s room is all hers!  My kitchen…well, my kitchen is still a work in progress.

Hubby’s out there in the FREEZING cold weather building cabinets to my specifications right as I sit and write this.  He’s something else, that man!  Even on his days off, he does his best to keep us happy here in our old Island ‘Gypsy‘ Caravan.   Therefore, because I am so proud of Hubby’s great find, I felt compelled to share it here with you wonderful blog readers!  I hope it inspires you in some way.  :  )

Blessings & .V..


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