Baby’s Room — Before & After

Still a work in progress, but we’re getting along nicely with Baby’s room.  :  )  It was the first one we started on and laid the paint on there…before progressing to the rest of the house. *heh em*  Excuse me…!  I mean…caravan!

The bed you see is her old baby bed that Nico turned into a toddler bed, then he built it into the trailer walls so it would be steady and in-place.  It had to be well-put-together, since  Baby likes to jump on the bed quite often.  : /  Silly toddlers…!  You just can’t keep ’em from jumping…all the time.  Hah!  At least that goes for our little’n.

Either way, here I go rambling again, so…on with the show!  I hope it inspires you in some way.  There are more-recent pics to come.

Blessings & .V..

Baby’s Room AFTER Paint & Bed Remod–

Baby's Room After Paint & Bed Redo.
Baby’s Room After Paint & Bed Redo.

This isn’t the latest pic of Baby’s room, it is still not finished.
Since this photo was taken, Hubby built a step along the side of the bed (for Baby to get in and out easily), and he had enclosed the underside with cabinets.  They still need paint, and the floors (Ugh!  The Floors!!), they still need to be redone throughout the entire trailer.  : /
Either way, it’s coming around!  :  )

Now…for the BEFORE pics!  I hope you notice the ‘few changes’ we’ve made?  This shot is after we pulled that musty old ‘dinosaur’ of-a-double-bed out.  You can see an opposite view of the room, with the bed the in pic, if you go see a previous post on this blog…by clicking here.

Baby's Room -- Before
Baby’s Room — Before



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