Living Room — Still a Work In Progress

So we’ve been working like ants for the past 6 months, trying to get our caravan in a more livable state.  We’ve scavenged, salvaged, and re-purposed items like you wouldn’t believe!  In our case, we had no choice but to think of new ways to get the job done on nearly zero remodeling dollars.

Thanks to the throw-aways of others, we’ve come a long…long way in a short time.  I am happy with the outcome so far.  Here’s how the interior looked after the initial coat of white paint (not the finished room in its entirety).  It’s a work in progress! :  )  *many more pics to come*

Blessings & .V..



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  1. breid1903 says:

    definitely more pics, please. several thing to be said about a tt like yours. when you gut it you will not be upset about throwing your money away.

    you will be able redo it in “you”. in other words in your dreams.

    you may want to go to linoleum or tile with rugs. we had shag. ours was impossible to clean. finally got linoleum and carpet scraps from flooring store. in other words, used carpet chunks like under bed and whatnot that were “new” had no wear.

    please keep us posted. thank you. peaceup b

    1. gypsyvinrose says:

      Yes, we are definitely going to redo the floors. It just cost a hunk of money that we don’t have right now. If I had space to store a lot of things, I’d collect corks….or bottle caps…or anything, and make something really one-of-a-kind. : ) Unique is always best!
      As it sits right now, we’re leaning towards vinyl (water resistant and durable) bamboo flooring. It will be cheaper to go with the kind they have at the Home Depot, but we like one design we found on Ebay; though the shipping cost leaves a lot to be desired. : /
      Such is a day in the life of someone who is trying to remodel on a shoestring. Alas…we do have a vivid imagination on our side. Just wait ’til you see what Hubby came up with for our new (and much improved) bathroom sink counter. I will post as soon as I can.
      Thanks again for you comments. It means the world to me.
      Blessings & .V..

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